Thursday, October 28, 2010

York U a "Racism"-Free Zone--York U Media Flak

Now that former student Salman Hossain has decamped for parts unknown, there is no hate to speak of at York University. In fact, the university's head of media relations is emphatic, adamant, that his instituion "does not condone or shelter racism."

Quel relief, eh?

Of course, it does condone and shelter an annual week of Zionhass--the infamous Israel Apartheid Week. And it does condone and shelter a students' union that tries (and fails) to disguise its loathing for Israel as a disdain for "oppression". And it does condone and shelter professors who teach the Arab/Muslim "naqba" narrative exclusively, and who, for the sake of "human rights" and "social justice" would be quite happy to see Israel disappear a.s.a.p. And it does condone and shelter the Muslim Students Association, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, an outfit that is explicitly and outspokenly racist. And there was that unfortunate incident which saw Jewish students being forced to seek shelter in an effort to evade an angry mob--a mini-pogrom, if you will--of anti-oppression types who didn't condone the Jews' support for Israel (but who would never, ever condone or shelter "racism").

But that's neither here nor there. Or rather, what's over there at York U is a tacit condoning and sheltering (and care and feeding) of a furry little animus toward the Jewish state. But, as all the really clever and refined people know, that kind of "racism" doesn't really count.

The furry little animus. Cute, isn't it?

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