Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snip, Snip

A little bit of Saudi Arabia comes to, of all places, Aberdeen, Scotland:
With its frosted windows, CCTV cameras, and tightly monitored security entrance, it is going to be one of Aberdeen’s most secretive business enterprises.
So, you could be forgiven for wondering if the shop has something to hide.
Well, it does – its customers. Or rather it is the customers who want to remain hidden. For this is Scotland’s first ‘halal hairdressers’ – a beauty salon which conforms to the strict rules of Islam; a place were Muslim women who wear the veil or headscarf can be seen uncovered without the risk of the gaze of men.

Discreet Creative Hairdressing, scheduled to open in three weeks, is the brainchild of 21-year-old Mahida Iqbal and her husband of nine months, Fueb Mieh.

The salon will be a ‘man-free zone’...
Also a 'kafir-free zone'--but that's another story.

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