Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He's So Dreamy!

Erza Levant writes re some notable Khadrsoxers:
...And lobbying for Khadr has been the Canadian Bar Association’s highest political priority. The CBA remained only secret admirers of Khadr for the first four years of his incarceration, because that’s when the prime minister and justice minister were Liberals.

The CBA could only gaze at the picture of Khadr in their locker, doodling his name in their diaries. What a relief when the Conservatives took office, and their love for Khadr could be sung from the mountaintops, in over 100 public statements.

Khadr will return the favour to the profession. The Jew-hating murderer has filed a $10-million lawsuit against the Canadian government. That’s a lot of fees for a lot of lawyers.

There are too many Khadr fans to list. But Judy Rebick’s blog entry from this summer is outstanding. Change the name “Omar Khadr” to “Justin Bieber,” and it could have been ripped from an issue of Teen Beat. “My heart aches for Omar Khadr,” wrote Rebick, comparing him to Mandela, and lauding his “courage and dignity.”

A CBC commentator and former NDP candidate, Rebick once led Canada’s state-funded women’s lobby. How a Jewish feminist could have a crush on an anti-Semitic, misogynist murderer is baffling. When hostages sympathize with their captors, psychologists call it Stockholm Syndrome. What’s Rebick’s excuse?...

She's a clueless useful idiot who suffers from oikophobia and nostalgie de la boue?

Update: A song for the Omie-smitten attorneys.

UpdateThe Khadrsoxers sing for their crush:

Ooo, he comes on like a man,
Totes a Koran,
Eyes that sparkle like stars.
He was fifteen,
He's jihadi,
And he ours.
He's like Maher Arar,
Allahu Akbar!
One of our superstars.
He was fifteen,
He's jihadi,
And he's ours.
He's our homie,
He's our lad.
He went away to pursue jihad.
He met Osama,
Tossed a grenade.
We'll never know the price he paid.
He'll come outta Gitmo
And into T.O.
Time for champagne and cigars!
He was fifteen,
He's jihadi,
And he's ours...

Update: Khadr's 'rock star' status

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