Saturday, October 23, 2010

'Unconventional'? Now, That's What I'd Call False Advertising

Wow. The London Convention Centre, which hosted Sexapalooza, a celebration/flogging (in both senses of the word) of the kinky, the constricting and the battery operated (categories which, in the sex products biz, often seem to overlap) and which advertises itself as being "decidely, (sic) unconventional" (get the clever play on words there--Convention Centre; unconventional?) certainly sounds like the perfect venue for a talk featuring the decidedly (no comma) unconventional views of Mark Steyn. Guess his brand of unconventionality is a tad too outré for some, in particular those averse to an airing of some inconveniently unconventional truths about encroachments of sharia, Islam's very conventional and conveniently all-encompassing law.

In that sense at least, despite the sex show (which appears to be an, ahem, aberration), the London Conventional Centre is, in fact, decidedly, completely and conventionally conventional.

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