Thursday, October 21, 2010

OHRC Twits Tweet

The OHRC "tweets" this story from a Mississauga paper about one of those an "interfaith" thingys:
...The turnout was better than expected, said Carleen Carroll, a co-organizer from St. Jude’s Anglican Church.

“It was really great for me because I have a lot of Jewish friends, (but) I actually don’t know any Muslims. And now I feel that I’ve made some friends in the Muslim community, and I’ve learned a lot more about the faith,” she said.
After a kosher lunch — and Muslim prayers held in the adjoining mosque, to which all participants were invited and many went — attendees gathered in small groups to discuss what they had heard.
“I feel like if I learn about other religions, I’ll learn more about my own,” said Noura Alnasser, one of a group of young Muslims discussing the Middle East and the nature of Canadian multiculturalism.
“And as a Palestinian, I find that talking to Jews and learning more will reduce misunderstandings, and that feeling of anger. When you just talk to them, you see them as other human beings, rather than just seeing faceless people and saying, ‘They took my country,’” she said. “I know it’s really hard to fix the problem, obviously, but understanding each other is the first step.”
“Humility is the mother of tolerance,” ["interfaith" nutter Dow] Marmur told his listeners.
Ignorance about Islam is the mother of our era's useful idiocy/"interfaith" confabs.

Another OHRC "tweet" links to a piece from, a hard lefty, anti-Israel site. Verrrrry "inclusive" and "diverse" of you, "rights" weenies.

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Tim Johnston said...

See, this is why I haven't been to Church since I got to Canada. Too much "interfaith" b.s.