Friday, October 22, 2010

"Security Reasons/Concerns"--Slang For "I'm a Timorous Dhimmi"

How do you curtail the free speech of those who don't genuflect before the great, ghastly, false god of multiculturalism? Well, first you get gelded. Then you whinge and fret about "security." The litany of those who have been silenced/forced to find another place to speak includes Ann Coulter, the two Larses (Hedegaard and Vilks) and and now, Mark Steyn. From the National Post:
Organizers of an upcoming talk by conservative writer Mark Steyn planned for London, Ont., say they were muzzled by a local city-owned convention centre.

A trio of bloggers who run the site inquired on Monday about booking a Nov. 1 speech for Mr. Steyn at the London Convention Centre. The group announced on Thursday that it had received a phone call from the centre saying it would not be allowed to make the booking. The Convention Centre said it was a business decision, but organizers of the speech said they were told otherwise.

"The reason offered by the LCC [in a Tuesday morning phone call] was that they had received pressure from local Islamic groups, and they didn't want to alienate their Muslim clients. It's interesting to note that the LCC is owned by the City of London, and is therefore a government operation," wrote Strictly Right's Andrew Lawton at the website.

Ironically, Mr. Lawton said, Mr. Steyn's talk will explore his familiar themes of Muslims and free speech. London Convention Centre general manager Lori Da Silva said denying next month's Mark Steyn speech was a "business decision" in part due to concerns for security, and fairness for the centre's other clients who might not enjoy a "rowdy" crowd at the same time. Asked if the content of Mr. Steyn's work had anything to do with the Convention Centre's decision, general manager replied, "No, we're looking at the security risk."...
No, you're looking at the empty pouch where your stones used to be.

Update: In a recent letter to the National Post, Wahida Valiante, Canadian Islamic Congress calipha, crowed triumphally about her racket's great victory over blasphemers:
Furthermore, in relation to the CIC's complaint in 2008 that Maclean's magazine was fostering Islamophobia, it should be noted that all efforts were made to settle the issue by negotiation. Failing to achieve the settlement, we had no choice but to got to a human rights commission. We lost the case legally, but achieved our goal in the form of comments by the commission.
Exactly. Those "comments" were entirely in line with the Canadian--and, alas, the entire Western--mindset: make those who diss Islamic supremacy shut up and count your "blessings" that so many Muslims don't want to blow you up.

Which, in case you were wondering, amounts to de facto dhimmitude.

Update: How it works in the P.C. Trudeaupia where, as we know, the state has no business on our bedrooms: we'll get so caught up in the "freedom" of polymorphously perverse nookie that we won't notice--and, more to the point, won't care--when our most valuable freedom evaporates.


Paul said...

... BCF has a good picture of Wahida the Hutt that would go along with this post really well.

Jaxter said...

Time to add the LCC and now NPR in the US (over the firing of Juan Williams) to the list of organizations bowing to the will of Allah, thanks to the support of Islamists and their left-wing cohorts. So the battle against Islamism and political correctness continues. One would think that more and more people in free western democracies would be awakening to the blatant threat posed by their anti-Western philosophy...but never overestimate the ability of the Left to recognize an enemy...until it is too late.

been around the block said...

Lori Da Silva has some 'splaining to do. This is what she wrote me today about why Mark Steyn's talk had been cancelled at the LCC:

We didn't have a contract to host this event so no actual contract to cancel. Contract terms were never even discussed. We require all organizations to complete background information and this form was never completed which is step 1 in our process. We never moved beyond the initial inquiry.
Lori Da Silva

'No mention of security concerns or not alienating the LCC's Muslim "clients."


Revnant Dream said...

I fear in the end as Steyn so succinctly put it. That eventually we will be meeting in caves or in farmers fields.
Both the religious or none progressive drone, deemed mentally ill.
Think I'm joking? Look at the last stages of persecution in the old Soviet Union.
The Gulag was full of none political people who the regime was punishing for not being the same.

Neo Conservative said...

in other tolerant canadian news...

ooh... i can't wait for next years
"i was a teenage jihadi" tour.