Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"In my professional opinion, Omar Khadr is a high risk of dangerousness as a radical jihadist. He is al-Qaida royalty and that is a powerful impact for someone to work with over the course of their life"

Oh, Dr. Welner, you're such an "Islamophobe."

Update: Here's the Ceeb account, which includes a gem (that I've bolded):
He [Wilner the shrink] said Khadr has "been marinating in a radical jihadist community" during his eight-year detention.
"He is devout, he is angry, he identifies with his family who have radical jihadist leanings."

Khadr's youth focus of defence

Defence lawyers are also expected to portray Khadr as co-operative and to suggest he is young enough that rehabilitation, rather than incarceration, will be more effective. Khadr was 15 when he threw the grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speers.
Even Welner has suggested that re-entry into normal society is not necessarily impossible for Khadr, because he is socially agile, strong physically and speaks four languages.
Don't tell me--he's also peripatetic, poetic and chic, right?

Update: 7,735 facebook friends demand justice for Omie.

Update: Just heard on the news (580 CFRA) that Dr. Welner's assessment is being criticized because: he hasn't examined crazed jihadis before (thus who is he to assess our Omie?); his assessment wasn't subjected to "peer review"; he based his evaluation on the work of a Danish shrink who has warned about dangerous inbreeding among Muslims (as if that entirely discredits Welner, "inbreeding" being an "Islamophobic" phantasm, don't you know?).

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