Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Can Chase the Hater Out of the Country...

...but you can't chase him off the Web. Not entirely. Not forever. Here, as far as I can tell, is the latest rant of one Salman Hossain. Hossain, as you may recall, kicked around some of Hogtown's finest post-secondary institutions for some years, spewing Judenhass wherever he went, before he decided to am-scray to parts unknown (a decision that--what are the odds?--conincided with police finally moving to charge Hossain with a hate crime after years of dragging their heels).

But, hey, as soon as Section 13, the censorship portion of Canadian law, is upheld in a courtroom (a real one, not a phony-baloney "human rights" one), I'm sure the Salmans of the world can expect things to change, you just wait and see Mr. Nasty Potty-Mouthed Hater, 'kay?

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