Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never Mind

Those of us of a certain age may remember Emily Latella. She was the sweet but rather hard of hearing old biddy created by the late Gilda Radner. Emily was always complaining about something in no uncertain terms, until it was gently pointed out to her that she had misheard, say, the "death" penalty as the "deaf" penalty or the "Equal Rights Amendment" as the "Eagle Rights Amendment." At which point, having no complaints about those things, she would ratchet down her dudgeon, look straight into the camera, smile sweetly, and say, "Never mind."

I haven't thought about Emily and her outrage in a while. What brought her to mind this morning was reading the words of one Mohamed H. Amery, of London, Ontario. That's the city that will play host, reluctantly, to "flagrant Islamophobe" Mark Steyn. Mr. Amery, a fully paid up member of the multicultist Trudeaupian tribe, is having none of it. In the course of this anti-Steyn tirade published in the local rag, he slips in a delightful Litellaism (H/T AW):
THE UNWELCOME MUCKRACKER There was a time not too long ago when most Canadians believed strongly in living in a just society, where everyone was equal to every other one regardless of ethnic origin, religious belief or political orientation. It appears that such is not the case anymore. Not when London and its once highly regarded University invite such apostles of hate as Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn to spew their political poison and garbage from the podiums of our town halls and conference centers, thereby catering to warped minds and extremist ideology. The sponsored of the detested event claim the did so in their pursuit of encouraging free speech. This Andrew Lawton and his cohorts must think very little of the London audience Freedom of speech is well and good when it educates, informs and creates a venue for the exchange of ideas in order to improve the cultural and political climate which we all share. Freedom of speech should not mean the liberty to tarnish an individual's or a group's name or agitate against them, or create a false climate of fear from a religion or a religious group. Because that is exactly what the Steyns and Coulters have done here and elsewhere against Islam and Muslims.
When Vic Toes, the Minister of Public Safety, orders the RCMP to not attend a peace conference in Ottawa because it was sponsored by the Canadian Islamic Congress, or when Peter Mackay,the Minister of National Defense, bars a Canadian Muslim cleric from taking part at a National Defense event celebration the Islamic Heritage month, freedom of speech is trampled with not a voice heard in protest. And the Media remained silent .The once compassionate and easy-going Canada is under attack, from within its borders, by extremist and bigoted factions from within and outside the governmental ranks. It is highly respected history of being a global friend, of being a friction-less society with a lofty level of tolerance for cultural and religious differences, of being different than our rampaging neighbour to the South, is in danger of being eroded. Our media has to assume a share of the blame for highlighting negative cultural or religious incidents, and for being weak kneed when it comes to coming down hard on bigots and extremists like Steyn . He and his cult are unwelcome and unwanted among us , and Western gets thumbs down for having its name associated with the likes of Steyn.

One final note . The ultra conservative city of Calgary, a great metropolis of more than a million residents, elects its first Canadian born Muslim Mayor. And what does the fair city of London boast? Hosting Matrk Steyn, of course. What a merciless fate.
The minister's last name is Toews (pronounced "taves"), not "Toes." But you know something? "Toes" would be a perfect--too perfect--name for the minister who has to keep on his toes because some of "Emil" Amery's co-religionists have it in for Jews and other kafirs and keep wanting to 'splode them in a PETN-charged ball of fire. That's why we owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Steyn, a chap who keeps us on our toews, er, toes, about resurgent jihad and the dangerous, fatuous multicultural mush-brained thinking that abets it.

One final note. The ultra conservative city of Calgary elected a man, not a religion, just as the ultra liberal city of Toronto did. As for the fair city of London, it caved under pressure from groups that seek to put an end to free speech--and thus freedom--as we know it. Now that would be a "merciless fate."

Update: The aforementioned Andrew Lawton responds, as does BCF.


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Hey, "negative cultural or religious incidents.." Yep, beheadings, genital mutilation, death threats against Jews etc and in the street, 'honour' murders, bombings, stealth jihad, terror finance, terror plots and jihad schools etc, will do that every time.

I know! Let's call 'em "POSITIVE cultural or religious incidents!" Problem fixed and anyone who mentions a fact is no longer a "racist" and "hatemonger" etc, but celbrating multicultism, er, multiculturalism, er, diversity. Logical fallacy dissonance is the dhimmie leftard and Islamofascist's friend. No, really. Colonel Neville.

Unknown said...

Indeed. last week Rex Murphy pointed out that which is obvious to everyone except the multi-culti leftards:

"Reality cannot be abridged or ignored to this degree without eventual cost."

Bunny- Powering the web thru nymphomania - Turn my passion into profit. said...

Golly, I would like to rack up some of that mud also!
Would these be wall racks or gun racks?
- Bunny - A proper Christian woman!