Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Right Wingers' Spoil the Multiculti Par-tay

A multicultural utopia (a Trudeaupia) is within our grasp, writes Harpoon Siddiqui, a chap who should know since he came here as an immigrant and has since been garlanded with Canucki awards galore, including our highest civilian honour. If only, sighs Harpoon, all those "right wingers" (you know who you are) weren't around to ruin everything:
Rob Ford thinks Toronto does not need any more immigrants, for now. Many right-wingers across Europe say the same. Some couch their call in the language of recessionary economics, as does he. Others express their xenophobia by attacking multiculturalism. Yet others are brazen in their post-9/11 cultural warfare on Muslims, be they Arabs or Turks.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel blames Germany’s 4 million people of Turkish origin for not integrating and not learning German, as though shameful state discrimination — such as denying them citizenship until recently — had no role.

And she blames multiculturalism.

Still, she wants more immigrants, even if they don’t speak German.

However, they must understand that Germany is a Christian country. “We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity — that’s what defines us. Those who do not accept this are in the wrong place.”

But Islam is “part of Germany,” as is Judaism.

Merkel speaks with a forked tongue, just like most critics of immigrants and multiculturalism, in Canada and elsewhere, during these times of high employment.

Some delude themselves that only if the immigrants weren’t there, their own lot would improve. In fact, in most cases it would worsen.

Immigrants take on jobs that others won’t (at the lower end) or can’t (at the higher end). With their strong work ethic and entrepreneurship, they create wealth and increase demand for housing and services, which creates jobs. They trigger a virtuous economic cycle.

Merkel understands this, and also that Germany is desperately short of 400,000 skilled workers. Therefore, “we shouldn’t give the impression to the world that those who don’t speak German immediately, or who were not raised speaking German, are not welcome here. That would do great damage to our country.”

All this is crude and sophisticated at the same time...
What a perfect way to describe the Islamists, Harpoon! The ones who have set up sharia-run enclaves--no-go zones--in Western lands. The ones Angela Merkel has come to understand have no intention of becoming part and parcel of the infidel West with its jahilya and kafir law (as opposed to Islam's virtuous God-law and its economic cycles). It's the false god--and the false premises and promises--of multiculturalism that got us into this righteous mess, and it's understandable that, after having their way for so long, Harpoon and other folks who have made a career out of and have a vested interest in the multiculti madness, are not about to let it go down the tubes without a fight. Here's hoping, though, that enough people are now wise to the lies, and have the will and the courage to make some fundamental changes. Oh, and a really thick skin will help, too--one that's impervious to the charges of "crudeness," "bigotry," and "Islamophobia" that Harpoon and his ilk will inevitably lob.

Word to the wise, though, Harpoon. If your intention is to get people to not vote for Ford in tomorrow's election, comparing him to the formidable Angela Merkel is probably not the best way to go about it.

Update: This is the ultimate destination and the chilling reductio ad absurdum of multiculturalism--an Islamic extremist in charge of a part of east London that "really is an Islamic republic now."

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