Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, the Horror!

Here's an unintentionally funny dispatch from the front by a NOW magazine writer. (NOW is a local freebie rag with Bolshie overtones and delusions of influence that pays its way with lots of sex adverts in its back pages). She found herself in a like-minded crowd of Leftoslamics that was having shall we say a wee bit of difficulty coming to terms with the Ford win:
Shock under the chandliers in the Thorncliffe banquet Hall as the Ford Victory is announced – cries of shame, shame.
MPP Kathleen Wynne stares at the giant screen saying "why, why?" It will take the next decade to answer this.

The gloom in this room is pretty deep - this multi-ethnic crowd full of headscarves and babies.
The softpspoken Mohamed Dhanani has lost to former Mike Harris Tory John Parker and the possibility of a first-ever T.O. Muslim councillor is on hold. In his speech, Dhanani thanks god - is he the only candidate in the city to do this?
 I feel a little bit the same way at this moment. Then the strains of Pakistan musician Junoon hits the speakers and I fade out down the curved stairwell saying goodbye to the statue of the laughing Buddha.
Sure, let's savour the victory, but let's not gloat, for this is a snapshot of our future--a "multi-ethnic" crowd full of headscarves and babies and candidates thanking god (Allah). (Had the dude been, say, an Evangelical Christian thanking Jesus, you can be sure the NOW scribbler's reaction would have been completely different.)

Update: Over at the Ceeb, it's a mass freak-out of smug lefties.


Blazingcatfur said...

Now is not a paper it is a Whore directory

scaramouche said...

At least it does one thing really well. (I hope someone caught Kathleen Wynne on tape going "why, why?" Just thinking about it makes me giggle.)