Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Sale

Obama accuses the Republicans of selling snake oil. That's rich, coming from a guy who's gotten by on a smile and a shoeshine. What's he been peddling? As Charles Krauthammer observes, it's something nobody wants to buy:
Having seen this display of what can only be called decadence [the collapse of the social democratic model in Europe], Obama's perfectly wired electorate says, no, not us, not here. The peasants have seen the future--Greece and France--and concluded that it does not work. Hence their opposition to Obama's proudly transformational New Foundation agenda. Their logic is impeccable: Only the most blinkered intellectual could be attempting to introduce social democracy to America precisely at a time when the world's formost examplar of that model--Europe--is in chaotic meltdown.
Blinkered intellectuals make terrible salesmen and ever worse statesmen.

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