Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Shut Up," He Explained

Ontario Liberal cabinet minister "tweets" that Rob Ford and Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak are "bigots".

Well, of course they are. Aren't all conservatives? ;)

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Anonymous said...

In June, 2005, Takhar faced criticism after the Toronto Sun caught him visiting his company despite it having been placed in a blind trust when he joined the cabinet. Cabinet ministers are required to keep an arms length relationship with any business they own in order to avoid being placed in a conflict of interest. Premier McGuinty refused to bow to opposition demands for Thakar's resignation but conceded that the minister had shown poor judgement [1]. Thakar insisted he was visiting the company in order to speak with his wife who is the company's CEO. The matter was sent to the province's Integrity Commissioner who issued a decision on January 4, 2006 that Thakar had violated the province's integrity guidelines by failing to maintain an arms-length relationship with the trustee of his blind trust. McGuinty issued a statement following the release of the decision stating he would not be firing Takhar from cabinet. Takhar was reassigned to the new position of Minister of Small Business and Entrepreneurship on May 23, 2006. Donna Cansfield was assigned Takhar's Transportation portfolio.REMEMBER THIS GEM?