Saturday, October 23, 2010

ISNA Canada Cops to Muslim Bro Origin, Has Big Plans for Halal Service

What was ISNA before it was ISNA? As this history on the ISNA Canada site reveals, before it was ISNA is was--wait for it--the Muslim Students Association. That's right. Apparently, there was a smooth transition as one avowedly Muslim Brotherhood offshoot spawned another, more covertly Muslim Brotherhood offshoot. (Meanwhile MSA, the birth mother, remains alive and well and spewing Zionhass on campuses throughout North America.) And, unbeknownst to us until recently, that spawn has been putting its imprimatur on food for decades:  
ISNA® Canada alhamdu lillah is well recognized internationally for the services it has been providing since its inception as Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada in 1963. Later on it was restructured into the present set up of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA®) in 1981.

Since 1988 ISNA® Canada alhamdu lillah has been providing Halal Certification service to the Muslim communities not only in Canada and the United States but throughout the Muslim world. ISNA® Canada developed its Halal Logo (see below) to be put on the packages certified by it to assure the Muslims that package contains the Halal food.

As certification work had expanded considerably, it was felt that a separate Division of ISNA® Canada would be an excellent idea to set it up which would specialize in Halal certification. This was necessary to pursue and vigorously expand the certification work. This would also provide a better and credible assurance for all kinds of Halal food for the Muslims not only in Canada but for the rest of the world.

With that background, an organization called ISNA® Halal Certification Agency (HCA) was set up. It was incorporated at the Federal level on December 24, 2001 and was entrusted with the responsibilities of Halal Food certification being produced and manufactured in Canada in the United States. Since then, HCA developed its own Halal Logo which replaced the ISNA® Canada Halal Logo.
Notice how it was incorporated a mere two months following 9/11.

Think locally, act globally, eh?

Update: In case you were wondering, "alhamdu lillah" (as in "ISNA® Canada alhamdu lillah") means "All praise is due to Allah."

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