Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Overdrawn at the Multiculti Bank

A chap who is so heavily invested in the multuculti Ponzi scheme that he hasn't yet noticed it has gone belly up comments on the Cameron speech. From the Toronto Sun via the Ceej:
Multiculturalism in Canada hasn’t failed, countered Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Jewish Congress. But pockets of younger immigrants– particularly Muslims — have been slow to integrate into a Canadian way of life, he said.
“(They) are not moving forward as quickly as we did in generations past,” Farber said. “You can have a large population of Muslims living in one area, and they have not yet seemed to be able to break out entirely from that one area and become part of the Canadian fabric.”
No, Bernie. That's not the problem at all. The problem is that countless numbers of Muslims both here and abroad believe "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal" and will move heaven and earth to make it (i.e. sharia's primacy) happen. At the same time you have a cockamamie social doctrine that tells immigrants that their religio-cultural baggage is every bit as valuable as the West's, which is not only complete bollocks, but which dovetails all too well with the goals of those in a mushrooming population who are working, mostly non-violently, to quell "blasphemy" and establish sharia's primacy.

That's the problem.


Paul said...

I like the way they put Bubble Boy's name in bold type.

{It's sooooooooo typical of his vanity!]

Someone said...

ponzi is rediculous

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