Tuesday, October 18, 2011

U of T Hosts Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Speakers at Da'wa Confab and Nobody Says Boo

An "inspirational" Islamist conference was given the old heave-ho by a downtown hotel (it's now being held at ISNA Canada HQ), but a similar conference went off without a hitch (probably because it managed to fly below the radar) this past Saturday. And guess what? The Carry the Light event featured some of the same anti-gay, anti-Semitic preachers who will be speaking at the other confab. Local gay rag Xtra, which is pretty disgusted by it all, has this to say about it:
A Muslim cleric who has been banned from Australia, the UK and Germany for his advocacy of death for homosexuals, and who was at the centre of a controversy over an Islamic conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this summer, will be speaking at a similar conference at the University of Toronto Oct 15. 
Dr Bilal Philips, a preacher who has called for death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers, will be speaking at the Carry the Light conference being held at the university’s Medical Sciences Building. 
Another speaker at the conference, Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick, has said that homosexuals want “to take us down with them” by spreading AIDS and has decried the “filth” of Christians and Jews.   
Quick is also scheduled to speak at the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) conference on Oct 22, which was originally booked at the Sheraton Centre. The IERA Conference is still searching for a venue after the Sheraton Centre evicted it in response to an article in the Toronto Star that listed the record of controversial speech against gays and Jews made by that conference’s keynote speakers. 
The Carry the Light conference is “a message of peace and love and obedience,” says Hayat Chowdhury, one of the organizers. 
“We are talking about how to understand Islam and peace and give the message of peace to the people,” Chowdhury says. Philips and Quick are not expected to talk about their controversial anti-gay and anti-Jewish beliefs, he says. 
“We are not dealing with these sorts of things,” Chowdhury says. “You’ve mentioned it ahead of time. There will be nothing like that.” 
Egale was not aware that Philips and Quick would be speaking at the Carry the Light conference, executive director Helen Kennedy says. Egale had asked the Toronto Police Service Hate Crimes Unit to investigate the IERA conference. 
A call to the University of Toronto’s room-booking service was not immediately returned...
In other words, don't call us, dhimmi, we'll call you.


Hakeem said...

Under the guise of anti-semitism and anti-gay you are bashing Islam and it's scholars. Did you even hear out Dr.Biilal Phillips at UFT? He said what the old testament and the Quran said about homo-sexuals and further said that it can be applicable in a Islamic Country but NOT in a non-Islamic country. He is just indicating what the Jewish/Christian/Islamic Texts say. For people like you, you can burn the Quran, bash up Muslims who are trying to build a mosque in NY, paint hatred messages on Mosques, that is ok? And that is not Hatred? And no, even if we go and report, nobody takes action, why? why these double standards?

scaramouche said...

"One of the speakers expected in Toronto, Malaysian convert Hussain Yee, has said “the Jews” are “the most extremist nation in this world.” He also suggested that Jews perpetrated and celebrated the 9/11 attacks.

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, a British convert, has argued that open displays of homosexuality should be made a crime.

British convert Abdur Raheem Green, who also appeared at a July conference in Toronto, has written that gays, like adulterers, should be stoned to death. At the July conference, Green criticized the media for labeling him hateful and challenged critics to “find a pattern” of homophobia in his hundreds of public statements. “All you can find is one comment I made on my blog where I talked about Islamic law and punishment for homosexuals,” he said.

Toronto’s Abdullah Hakim Quick, an African-American convert, has been lauded for his work to promote women’s rights, improve interfaith relations and eradicate female genital mutilation; he wrote a column for the Star in the 1990s. Later, however, he said AIDS was caused by “sick” homosexuals who want “to take us all down with them” and referred to the “filth” of Christians and Jews."