Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Cautionary Tale for Parents: Don't Let Your Pre-Pubescent Daughter "Friend" Pedophiles Who Post Naked Pics of Themselves on Her Facebook Page

If you don't want your little darlin' to be lured into a sex ring by some creepy dude named "Akhtar," that is:
She would arrive late for the 7.30pm family supper. And — after a time — she often did not come home at night and went missing for days on end. 
Now her horrified mother knows the reason for her daughter’s worrying behaviour. She was being seduced by a predatory gang of paedophiles, who lured her into a life of sex slavery by giving her gifts of cocaine, cannabis, cigarettes and vodka.  
By the age of 13, Rachel had more than 700 men’s names on her Facebook page.  
Hundreds of others were sending text messages and even naked photos of themselves to her pink mobile phone.  
She changed her online identity to a Muslim name. And when she did come home, she often had savage bruises and bites all over her face and body. 
‘We would search the streets for her in our cars,’ says Georgina. ‘We did everything to try to keep her indoors, locking all the doors and windows at night.  
‘But she would wait until we had gone to sleep and let herself out. Then she would turn up the next day in tears and say she was sorry.’...
She had the names of 700 strange men on her Facebook page?!?


I would say that hers are the opposite of "helicopter parents"--ones who hover too closely and try to monitor every aspect of their child's life. Let's call them "space station parents," since they are somewhere out in the heavens, and are merely orbiting their kid's world.

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