Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ryerson U's "Socially Sensitive" Social Work Program--for Aboriginals Only

It functions in a way that considers the Aboriginal culture and mindset, since, according to this Toronto Star article, these students have a hard time coping in the regular course:
At a time when 95 per cent of aboriginal young people don’t go to university — and many of those who start fall away — the program Ryerson and FNTI have developed is worth heeding. It offers the youth of First Nations — the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s population — an opportunity to learn the skills they need without sacrificing their identity. 
“I’ve heard students say ‘I’ve got my BA, I’ve got my BMW,’” Lomax said. “Our courses aren’t like that.” 
There are no lecture halls, no passive listening and no jockeying for dominance. “We are all teachers and learners,” explained Suzanne Brant, academic vice-president of FNTI.  
“We all bring our knowledge to the sharing circle.”
Gee, I wonder what'll happen when Canada is forced to find ways to "accommodate" the youth of Canada's fastest-growing religion and the youth of "the fastest-growing segment of Canada's population." Which groups' needs will, do you suppose, take precedence over the others'?

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