Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Head of the Toronto Board of Rabbis "Explains" Why He Condemned Pamela Geller But Spoke at an Islamist Confab (Which Featured a Roster of Hate-Speakers) Back in '05

The Jewish Tribune's Atara Beck interviews Toronto's King of Interfaithiness, Baruch Frydman-Kohl:
Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl participated in the fourth annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in 2005, which included a number of speakers who are on the record for promoting intolerance and terror. 
In an email exchange, the Tribune asked why that event was acceptable to him and whether any of his views have since changed. Also, could it benefit peace-loving Muslims to have someone speak out against Islamism? He replied, “The TBR statement speaks for itself.” 
He also offered to have his remarks at the 2005 conference forwarded to the Tribune, adding only that he “spoke at the same time as a local Christian leader.”
Er, come again Baruch? You're a local Christian leader?

Is your congregation aware of that fact?

FYI, here's the TBR's anti-Geller statement, a mealy-mouthed piece of drivel which, sadly, does speak for itself, and which makes those who signed it look like cowards and fools. And here's my post about B/F-K's appearance at RIS.

That's B/F-K in the middle, the filling in an "interfaith" sandwich.


Unknown said...

In June 1992, the Rabbi was awarded a Coolidge Fellowship by the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life to pursue research in an inter-faith community at the Episcopal Divinity School at Harvard University. In 2003 he was awarded the degree of a Doctor of Divinity.

The "Episcopal Divinity School @ Harvard is also known as The Harvard Divinty School which
via, 2004 ". . .one cannot, at Harvard, as it stands now, either at Harvard Divinity School, or at Harvard Law School, take a course that will teach the real tenets of Islam, and will use the scholarship not of apologists but of serious Orientalists -- Margoliouth, Schacht, Snouck Hurgronje, Dufourcq, and a few dozen others. One cannot learn, fully and truthfully, either about Jihad or about dhimmitude."

scaramouche said...

They should post a warming for infidels at these interfaith/diversity gatherings: Too much "interfaith" turns your brain into marshmallow fluff.

sheik yer'mami said...

There is money in 'interfaith' fluff.

There is no money in the counter jihad.

Not saying the 'rabbi' is driven by greed.

I'm saying he's driven by stupidity.