Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toronto Star Apologizes for That Sleazy Rob-Ford-Smokes-Crack Story--But Not to Ford

The Star apologizes (abjectly and profusely) to local Somalis for referring to "Somali drug dealers" in the above-mentioned sleazy report:
We all agree greater sensitivity was called for. While the newsroom stands by its judgment of the relevance of the “Somali”references, numerous reports this week have made little mention of the sources’ background. That first troubling story, which was written in great haste on deadline, was revised shortly after publication with half of the “Somali” references edited out. 
“We realize the first version of the story used ‘Somali’ too heavily,” Managing Editor Jane Davenport told me.  
“We understand why the community is upset and we apologize.”
My, Jane, that is extra-sensitive of you. I bet Rob Ford would love to get in on a bit of that sensitivity. But since he's fat, white and on the right, I guess it's no way Jose, eh?

And speaking of sleazy reporting--Canada's newspaper of record spent a year and a half looking into claims by ten--count 'em ten--unnamed sources that some 30 years ago Rob's bro Doug was into hash (and I don't mean the corned beef variety)? Seriously?

Does it seem to you (as it does to me) that the brothers Ford are having a disastrous effect on journalistic integrity/ethics in this city?

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