Monday, May 27, 2013

Bamboozling the Infidel by Parroting His Cherished Catch Phrases Back at Him

That's what ICNA is doing via an interfaithy confab devoted to "The Pursuit of Happiness":
CAIRO – Eyeing to promote dialogue between followers of different religions and cultures, a major Muslim convention opened in the United States on Saturday, May 25, with the aim of boost tolerance in American society.
"The objective of this event is to promote dialogue between different cultures and faiths to help contribute to a more peaceful and tolerant society," Asim Khan, lead coordinator for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)'s WHYISLAM Project, said in a press release obtained by
"We look forward to welcoming people from all walks of life and to another great event that will draw thousands of people."
Themed “Islam: The Pursuit of Happiness”, the three-day annual convention aims to promote peace and tolerance in society.
Muslim attendants would be offered special lectures and symposiums on how to achieve everlasting happiness.
To this end, sessions would be delivered in different languages including Arabic, Urdu, Bengali and Spanish along with English.
Special sessions would also be dedicated to Muslim women to discuss issues of concern to them.
A host of prominent Muslim speakers are attending the ICNA-MAS convention, including Boston imam Suhaib Webb...
Read more about ICNA and its mission here, and more about Boston's imam and his mission here.

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