Friday, May 24, 2013

Another "Human Rights" Travesty--Dude Says College That Expelled Him Violated His "Human Right" to Be Abusive

Apparently, you have that "right" if you are mentally ill:
Grant Hutchinson is a former computer programming student at Seneca College.
The 25-year-old was suspended for violating the school email policy by sending offensive emails in March 2012. He was kicked out a year later, before completing his two-year diploma, after pleading guilty to criminally harassing a member of the Seneca administration.
However, he alleges the college discriminated against him due to his mental health diagnoses (depression, anxiety, paranoia and a personality disorder).
Earlier this week, he was granted the chance to plead his case to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in a hearing that could highlight the fine line post-secondary institutions walk when it comes to guarding community safety versus individual student rights and accommodation for mental-health disabilities.
“My behaviour was directly linked to my mental-health disabilities,” he says. “It shouldn’t take a psychiatrist to realize that.”
Seneca College can’t comment while the case is before the tribunal, said a spokesperson...
I predict Seneca College will be forced to compensate Greg--big time--for failing to "accommodate" his mental instability.

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