Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sun TV Accentuates the Positive in Just-Handed-Down CRTC About The Ceeb

Brian Lilley, for one, is determined to put a positive spin on it, seeing in the many, many Ceeb requests the CRTC (Canada's broadcasting regulator--no surprise that we of all countries would have one, eh?) agreed to could be an indication that the regulator might be receptive to Sun TV's request for continued existence.

Call me an inveterate pessimist, but I'm not so sure that the CRTC giving in to the Ceeb (which is die-hard leftist, just like the CRTC commissioners) means much of anything re how it is likely to react to Sun TV (which is conservative, and says mean things in a cranky way about leftists at the Ceeb and elsewhere).

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