Tuesday, May 28, 2013

With Global Jihad Busting Out All Over and Bloody Butchery on a London Street, Arab News Columnist Gwynne Dyer Adopts an Unaccountably Sunny View of the State of Warfare Today

Writes sunny Gwynne:
And so far, in the 21st century, the total is less than one million people killed in war. What we have on our hands here is a miraculous and mostly unsung success story. There will doubtless be more wars, but they may be small and infrequent. We are obviously doing something right. We should figure out what it is, and do more of it.
More of it--oh, you mean adopt the Obama M.O.and drone on and on, all the while announcing that the War on Terror is in its dying days. Yeah, that should to the trick. ;)

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