Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chicks in Karzai's Afghanistan (HOW Much Is the CIA Paying This Kleptocrat?) Being Subjected to "Virginity Tests"

Which aren't tests so much as they are sexual assaults:
"Four years after the adoption of a law on violence against women and 12 years after Taliban rule, women are still imprisoned for being victims of forced marriage, domestic violence, and rape," Brad Adams, HRW Asia director, was quoted as saying. 
It said many of those detained for so-called moral crimes had attempted to report rapes to police only to be arrested for adultery, while others fleeing forced marriages or abuse were jailed for running away from home - even though that is not a crime according to the Afghan criminal code. 
And it said that many of those accused of "moral crimes" were subjected to "virginity tests" with no medical basis which contravened international law. 
"Coerced 'virginity' examinations are a form of sexual assault," Mr Adams said. "Afghan police, without any scientific basis, are routinely forcing these unspeakable examinations on women and girls."
Nice people. Let's send 'em loads more jizya, 'kay?

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