Friday, May 31, 2013

Shakir Your Booty at This Year's Triumphalist SeekersHub Fundraiser!

SeekersHub (good thing the "H" is uppercase, otherwise you'd be tempted to pronounce it "shub"--or maybe shlub--and not "hub"), a Toronto-based Islamic education/dawa effort, is holding its annual fundraiser. Immodestly enough, it's called "OUR PLACE, OUR TIME":
Over the last few years, SeekersHub has been blessed to serve both Toronto and a growing global online community with educational programs, community service, and social awareness initiatives. In the course of our work, we began to envision a model community of Muslims who make an historic local and global impact through Knowledge and Service Without Barriers. We have already begun to see the impact of this groundbreaking approach, and hope to fully realize this model community through your support, in' sha Allah (God willing). 
Providing Knowledge and Service Without Barriers means helping our community members overcome the many barriers they face in becoming better Muslim spouses, parents, children, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. We understand that these barriers vary from person to person over time, and stand committed to working closely with our communities in removing these obstacles, ranging from time, money, location, or resources. 
As we continue this historic journey of transforming our communities and selves to handle our busy lives, we are grateful to the Muslim community for its prayers and support. We are reminded of the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) that "Religion is sincere concern." Your sincere concern has allowed us to take meaningful steps towards improving our community locally, and connecting with communities abroad to do the same. 
Please join us for our Annual Fundraiser on June 9th, as we share our successes and vision for the future. We hope you will continue to play an integral part in our growth.
One of the 'shlub's noted scholars is none other than Dr. Zaid Shakir. Dr. Shakir, in case you aren't familiar with him, "is amongst the most respected and influential Muslim scholars in the West."  How that plays out is that when infidels are around, Shakir acts all schmoozy and interfaithy, but when he gets amongst his own he says stuff like this:
The relevant point for Muslims is that Islam presents an absolutist political agenda, or one which doesn’t lend itself to compromise, nor to coalition-building.
Makes perfect sense, since he has also expressed a longing to see the U.S.A. become part of Dar al Islam, and has opined that "the U.S. war machine is the single greatest threat to world peace."

As for 9/11--well, let's just say he's taken it on faith (so to speak) that it was an inside job.

Hey, who wouldn't want to raise money to further the agenda of that kind of "social awareness"?

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