Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rabbi Who Condemned Pamela Geller Talk Was a Speaker at a Reviving the Islamic Spirit Confab Which Featured Real Hate-Speakers

The hypocrisy of some "interfaithy" types knows no bounds. Take the head of the Toronto Board of Rabbis, for instance. Baruch Fryman-Kohl, senior rabbi at Beth Tzedec Congregation, signed his name to the poisonous little screed condemning Pamela Geller's appearance in Toronto. Rabbi F-K, who's mad for interfaithiness, was concerned that Ms. Geller's heated, "hateful" words might have a negative impact on all the frenetic "bridge-building" he and his cronies have been conducting over the years.

So devoted to the ongoing construction is the good rabbi that he even spoke at one of those Reviving the Islamic Spirit thingys. Back in '05, he addressed the throng (that year's theme: Islamic Civilization), telling them of the "common issues facing Jews and Muslims in Western societies." (Yeah, the Jews face Muslims' Zionhass and jihad proclivities while Muslims face non-existent "backlashes" and "Islamophobia": not exactly even-steven, is it Baruch?). He added that
We are also dealing with the essential issues of how do we, as minorities, remain true to our religious and spiritual traditions in societies which are largely secular or Christian such as in Europe, Canada and the United States," he said. 
And all of us, Muslims and Jews, are dealing with these kinds of issues.
If you say so, rabbi.
Anyhoo, the roster of speakers that year including such paragons of lovingkindness as:
  • Dr. Zakir Naik. Dr. Naik thinks death is the appropriate punishment for apostasy, is a fan of Osama bin Laden, and is convinced that George W. Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks.
  • Iman Zaid Shakir. The imam would like to see America become a Muslim country and believes that "the US war machine is the single greatest threat to world peace."
  • Dr. Tareq Suwaidan. According to his Wiki entry,
In an April 2012 interview for Al-Quds, a TV station affiliated with Hamas, he claimed that since politicians were controlled by money and the media which are controlled by the Jews, only "armed resistance" and not Western aid or Western popular sympathy could change the situation in Palestine and Jerusalem. He also said in the interview that the most dangerous thing facing Muslims is the Jews calling them "the greatest enemy." [24] Al-Suwaidan subsequently denied charges of anti-semitism stating "We are not against the Jews, let this be very clear." He alleged that the anti-Semitic comments were based on a report by MEMRI , which he called a "Zionist organization." [25] 
In other words, the rabbi who condemns Pamela Geller's speech for being inflammatory and hateful (which it is not) had no problem appearing on the same stage as these hate-speakers.

As my late Bubby, a very wise women who knew a thing or two about Jew-hate having escaped the second pogrom in Kishinev, might have said: feh!

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Make News Not Noise said...

This is not only selective rabbinic tyranny that is solely the culpable purview of the Toronto Board of Rabbis. It is even more sinfully damaging and potentially broadly more irreparable because it falsely insinuates, publically yet, for all to witness, that those others who the Toronto Board of Rabbis absolutely does not represent are also ' in on it ', neboch. Scores of innocent and unassociated rabbis then become falsely victimized from their bimahs just like their counterparts; who are those vexatious and seditious instigators. Is this not loshen hora; a most unforgivable transgression, as it is said?

Will the shameful arrogance never cease? If questions are not asked of the guilty TB of R, then it can only get worse. Those who perpetuate this amoral crime must be confronted; mustn't they? Disgrace has found a home in the one place where it has absolutely no right, whatsoever, in which to habituate. It must be excised from the community's midst, immediately.

Victor Redlick