Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Truth About Trudeau the Father

As the nation prepares to go gaga for Trudeau fils, a new book details the wretched truth about Papa Pierre:
The reality is Trudeau's accomplishments are tarnished by the damage he inflicted on the country that haunts us to this day. On almost all major issues-national unity, the economy, government finances, the environment, poverty, immigration, national defence, international relations, poverty, foreign aid-Trudeau's record falls well short of the mark.

Rather than embrace immigration, Trudeau slashed it. Rather than defend Canadian industry, he undermined it. Rather than draw the country together, he antagonized the west and weakened federalist leaders working on the ground for the hearts and minds of Quebecers. Rather than respect liberty, he mislead Canadians when invoking the War Measures Act. Rather than make Canada more secure, he emasculated our military and cozied up to communist dictators. And rather than build a Just Society, he racked up debt, hobbling government's ability to care for the disadvantaged for decades to come.

Trudeau left deep divisions and scars that remain to be healed. Any progress Trudeau made on bilingualism, individual rights, and multiculturalism was dwarfed by his legacy of economic mismanagement, regional alienation and international isolation. While no one disputes Trudeau's intelligence, toughness, charisma, and the flashes of glamour he brought Canada, in the end the pirouettes were not worth the price...
Charisma being entirely in the eye (and emotions) of the beholder, try telling that to those avid for his son (more than a few of whom, alas, are Jews).

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