Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pearl Harbour As Reported By Today's Clueless, Fluffy Media

Daniel Greenfield posits that coverage might go something like this:
Now, if the medias reported Pearl Harbor this way then the report would be there was a very nice young man named Yoshika Takawuri who was flying a plane.  Now, he was born in Tokyo.  He moved for a while with his parents to the country.  He liked to play the flute.  He had four brothers and three sisters.  And for some reason he bombed Pearl Harbor. 
We have to understand why this nice young man who liked to play flute bombed Pearl Harbor.  We have to do some inward searching.  We have to understand what we did that made this young man so upset with us and all the hundreds of other young men who did this. 
Well, we can’t assume that these young men are part of some collective ideology.  Or that they’re part of some common movement because that would just be bigoted.  It would just be crazy and stupid and we can’t draw those connections.
Also, members of his family and maybe a neighbor or two would tell reporters that they were shocked--shocked!--that he'd taken such a violent turn.

And, re the jihad, you're unlikely to come across anything like this:

"Righteous might"? Absolute victory"? The only ones who speak in those terms in our era of multiculti mushiness are, well, the jihadis.

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