Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anjem Choudary's Fingerprints On Yesterday's Bloody Beheading?

It sounds like a distinct possibility:
But there are other, more tangible radicalizing forces available to -- even seeking out -- disaffected young men in Britain.

A handful of Islamic activists in the U.K. have made it their full-time job to recruit and indoctrinate young British men into an extremist brand of the religion. They preach that the U.K. government is working with the U.S. and other Western nations in a war against Islam. It is the same message espoused and pushed online by al Qaeda.

Radical Islamic activists like London lawyer Anjem Choudary are careful in their street preaching and online propaganda to never specifically call for violence. They know incitement is illegal, and they're smart enough to stay on the right side of the letter of the law -- to be able to continue propagating their message.

But while Choudary and others like him don't publicly call for attacks, they're not shy about defending them, or offering a rational for them.

"As we live amongst you and propagate our belief, it is also our responsibility to warn our neighbors of the potential repercussion of their actions for us all," Choudary said in a statement released to media outlets just a week before Wednesday's attack. He teaches his followers (his almost-weekly London rallies can draw dozens of young men) that attacks on Britain and on British people abroad are caused by "the polices of governments which are vehemently anti-Islam and anti-Muslim and seem hell bent on provoking Muslims."

"Woolwich is a lesson for us all, we must take the role of the UK in Muslim land seriously & its harsh repercussions on the streets of the UK," Choudary tweeted just hours after the attack in south London's economically depressed Woolwich neighborhood, where he spent at least part of his own young life.

Speaking to CBS News Wednesday night, after the murder, Choudary said he thought he might have recognized one of the suspects from his rallies or sermons.

The suspect seen in the video defending the attack on Wednesday may or may not have been influenced by Choudary, but the language he used was straight from Choudary's script.
Another reason why Britain is doomed--because not only can't the Brits rid themselves of this hateful whacko, they actually pay him mucho dinero to sit around and tweet.

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