Saturday, May 18, 2013

Barack Obama Has Sucked Up Like Mad to Egypt, Given the MuBros in Charge Tons of Cash. Surely That's Endeared Him and the U.S. to Egyptians, No?

Well, no:
There is a consensus, however, regarding the United States – overwhelmingly, Egyptians see the U.S. negatively. Despite President Barack Obama’s efforts to improve America’s image in the Arab world, beginning with his famous June 2009 Cairo speech, his ratings have slipped steadily in Egypt since he took office, and ratings for the U.S. are lower now than they were during the Bush administration. Moreover, few Egyptians place much value on a close relationship with the U.S.
It seems clear that the more money you give 'em, the more they hate you. Time to cut them off, cold-turkey, and thereby cause them to manifest a greater appreciation for what they've lost.

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