Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is Afghanistan on the Verge of Eliminating the "Elimination of Violence Against Women" Law?

The one positive thing infidels could point to after more than a decade trying to win "hearts and minds" in Afghanistan is a piece of legislation called the "Elimination of Violence Against Women" law. Passed by presidential degree in '09, the law
bans violence against women, child marriage and forced marriages, and is considered one of the government's key achievements since the Taliban era, when women were banned from attending school or any form of public activity.
Western countries point to advances for women as an indicator of success in a long and costly war that is increasingly unpopular in the United States, Britain and other nations contributing troops to the NATO-led coalition.
You can stop your pointing, kafirs. It looks like the Afghans are about to turn back the clock, and in no time flat it will be as if you were never there at all:
The Afghan parliament on Saturday cut short a debate on a bill to protect women from violence after complaints from some traditionalist MPs that it was against Islamic teaching. 
The Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW) law, which was passed by a presidential decree in 2009, is seen as a benchmark piece of legislation marking progress since the fall of the Taliban regime nearly 12 years ago.
But ratification by parliament was postponed after several MPs branded the bill as against Sharia law -- the Islamic teachings drawn from the Koran, the Prophet Mohammad and rulings by scholars.
"This law is just a government project, it is against Sharia... we need to discuss more about this and remove articles that are against Islam," Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a conservative MP from Parwan province, said.
In a rowdy debate, some male lawmakers shouted out that child marriage -- made illegal by the bill -- should not be a crime...
Well, you can see their point. Pedophilia plus sharia is sacred and holy. Pedophilia minus sharia is just creepy and sick.

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