Friday, May 17, 2013

Website "Why Islam?" 'Splains What's Behind Fraught Relations Between Muslims and Infidels Today

Is it the jihad? Islamic supremacism? The desire to restore the global caliphate?

Heavens, no.

The devout ones know who and what's at fault here--and it has nothing to do with Islam:
In fact, Christians and Jewish people also lived all across the Muslim world during the 15th and 16th centuries. While large minorities of Christians remained in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and India, sizeable Jewish communities thrived in cities in Egypt, Iran, Morocco and other parts of North Africa. 
However, as the Islamic empire began to decline so too did the relations between Muslims and Jewish people. As a result of the downfall of Muslim rule, the rise of modern nationalism, and Zionism (among other factors), our current interaction is overshadowed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is truly unfortunate that our shared glorious past has led to such a fractious present. In conclusion, one can only hope that our fates will hold a much brighter and more tolerant future.
BTW, I found the "Why Islam?" website, appropriately enough, on this ICNA site. Appropriate because ICNA has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a supremacist racket that's been wildly successful at pulling the wool over infidel eyes.

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