Monday, May 27, 2013

Boris Johnson's Incoherence-ism

At the same time that London's mayor wants to place Islamic organizations in the U.K. under surveillance, he's insisting that there's a difference between Islam proper and a rogue mutation of Islam called Islamism:
The London mayor argued that gender segregation is part of a strategy by Islamists to promote their ideology. 
“This is a sinister political agenda that promotes a sense of grievance and victimhood among a minority of Muslims,” Johnson said. 
“The Islamists want universal Shari`ah law, and other mumbo jumbo. Above all, they want power over others: and so they prey on young men who feel in some way rejected by society, and they fill those young men with a horrible and deluded sense of self-importance. 
“They tell these people that they are not alone in suffering injustice; that they belong to a much wider group of victims – the Muslims – and that the only way to avenge these injustices is jihad,” he said. 
Johnson insisted that Islamists have no allegiance to the western society. 
“These Islamist evangelists have no allegiance to the western society they live in and whose benefits systems they abuse: far from it – their avowed intent is to create a sexist and homophobic Muslim caliphate,” he said. 
The London mayor urged Britons to distinguish between the ideology of Islamists and the Islamic religion itself. 
“We must not give the killers the thing they crave above all – the prize of dividing us,” Johnson said...
Too late. We've already been divided--into those who fear "Islamism," those who know that Islam proper has been political and supremacist since the get-go, and those who think that Islam is not at all threatening and who believe that anyone who thinks it is is a "bigot."

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