Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AI Assholery

Amnesty International's new chief is thundering on about Canada's egregious violation of "human rights" and the shrinkage (tee hee: remember that Seinfeld episode?) of "democratic spaces" in our land.

Has AI finally woken up to the perfidy of our so-called "human rights" system, a quasi-Marxist shakedown operation masquerading as a social balm? Don't be silly. He's incensed because the Conservative government has cut funding for some dubious organizations (though not, it must be noted, for eliminationist-minded Palestine House) and failed to bring Gitmo inmate Omar Khadr "home". (Yeah, I'm really broken up about that, too.)

Hilariously--and absurdly--this story about Canada's supposedly abysmal "human rights" record is posted on--wait for it--an Iranian TV site.

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