Saturday, August 28, 2010

'Bridge-Building' in Action

Looks like they're going to "build" those "bridges" whether you like it or not, kafir. From the WSJ:
The developer of the proposed mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero began fund raising for the controversial project Friday, collecting $10,000 in pledges following a well-attended prayer service at the downtown site.
"We've established a not-for-profit entity as of this week and as of now we are able to start fund raising and start collecting money on behalf of the project," said Sharif El-Gamal, head of SoHo Properties, following Friday's service.
The abrupt fund-raising effort followed religious services Friday and came at the end of a muddled event that drew a media mob, police officers and sign-wielding protesters...
$10,000 down; $99,990,000 to go.

Update: The fundraising/bridge building may get a shot in the arm--Reuters reports the "interfaith" bamboozle could qualify for public funds. That's the way to do it--get the infidel to pay for your dawa.

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