Sunday, August 22, 2010

The House Unmosque-ian Activities Committee?

That's mosque-balker Roger L. Simon with his hand in the air:
An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi — Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Dear Madam Speaker:
I understand you are calling for an investigation of those who oppose the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero to uncover the financial sources behind their opposition.
I am one of those people. I have attacked the construction of the mosque, sometimes quite vehemently, on several occasions, on PJM and PJTV. I hereby humbly beseech you to investigate me.
Me first, Nancy! Me me me me. Investigate me!
Maybe you’ll find some money I was paid for my opposition — I haven’t found any myself — and I could use it. I’m trying to do some home remodeling and you know how pricey that gets these days.
Frankly, I’m feeling like a schmuck. I hurled all that invective and didn’t make dime one. And, unlike you, I’m not married to a multi-millionaire financier. So have a little compassion and investigate me. At least it might generate some publicity. As a writer, I could use the PR. I might parlay it into a script deal on the Nancy Pelosi Story. (I see an aging Renee Zellweger with hair extensions.)...
And maybe an aging Justin Bieber as Harry Reid?

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