Friday, August 27, 2010

Shock Amok

Maclean's reports that Khurrum Sher's friends are--quel surprise--"baffled by his arrest":
Since Khurram Sher, 28, was charged in an Ottawa court with a single count of conspiracy to facilitate a terrorist offence, his friends can’t make sense of the crime. The McGill-trained physician was known as a community pillar, loving husband and father of three small children. Former coworkers from McGill’s Health Centre say he had a great sense of humour, and that he was peaceful and likeable, and known for singing Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ on Canadian Idol auditions in June 2008. “He’s a great guy, there is absolutely no way he is involved in this,” said one colleague at the Montreal General Hospital who believes this is a case of mistaken identity. He added: “Anyone who knows him would say he couldn’t be involved in this.”
Yeah, I'm sure the whole thing is a horrible mistake.

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