Sunday, August 29, 2010

Direct from Vegastan

Ladies and gentlemen, the musical stylings of Sunni and Sher!

They say we're young
And we don't know,
Won't get virgins ti-i-ill we blow (up).
Well, my imam sez all that's true
'Cuz you know we can blame it on the Jew.
Babe, blame the Jew, babe,
Blame the Jew, babe...

And then they sang...

The shaheeds go on.
Yes, shaheeds go on.
Lads keep blowin' their innards
To smithereens.
Jihadi-dadi-dee, jihadi-dadi-da...

Whereupon Sher did his big solo hit:

"Jihadis, brave shaheeds."
We'd hear it from the imams so renowned.
They'd call us, "Jihadis, brave shaheeds."
But ev'ry time infidels'd come around
And shut our project down...

Of course, they always close with their signature song:

...Blame the Jew for World War 2,
Blame the Jew for stomach flu.
Blame the Jew for killing Mo.
Blame the Jew 'cuz he's our foe.
Blame the Jew but don't blame me.
Blame the Jew for infamy.
Blame the Jew for your despair.
Blame the Jew because he's there.

Babe, blame the Jew, babe.
Blame the Jew, babe,
Blame the Jew, babe.

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