Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Charity' Double-Header

Here's a website where you can make donations "to help Pakistan's people" and help float the Canuck mail boat to Gaza. The organizer of the latter effort--dare one call him a real showboater?--just now 'splained on the Oakley Show that they don't actually have said bateau in their possession at the moment (since those nasty Israelis have ensured that conditions are such that no one will rent them one) but they're holding a fundraiser on a boat in the Toronto harbour next month in hopes of coming up with the $300,000 required to buy their own floating blockade-buster.


Unknown said...

I suggest many people attend their fund raiser.. and donate monoply money

scaramouche said...

I was going to suggest they donate Canadian Tire money, but that stuff could actually add up. Oh, not enough to buy them a big boat. But maybe enough to buy, say, some hockey skates and camping equipment.

Michele said...

According to the Canada Boat Gaza website, they are intentionally NOT renting a boat. They want to buy a boat so that it will be Canadian-owned boat that is confiscated by Israel. Their hope is to force the Canadian government into becoming involved.

My hope is that the Canadian government lets them sink.

scaramouche said...

On Oakley this morning the organizer said the reason they're buying and not renting is because Israel keeps confiscating boats and therefore no one will rent to them. Just goes to show the real agenda here is to crap all over Israel and make it sound as bad as possible.

My hope is that they can't raise the dough and don't get to go.