Monday, August 23, 2010

If a Tree Falls in a Judenhass-Infested Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

You betcha. But only when it's the large, fungus-infested chestnut tree that Anne Frank used to gaze upon while in hiding in that Amsterdam attic, and silly people can work themselves up into a fit of icky, insipid sentimentality over it--even launching a campaign to "save" it. Now, thank heaven, the thing has finally bit the biscuit:
AMSTERDAM (AP) — The monumental chestnut tree that cheered Anne Frank while she was in hiding from the Nazis was toppled by wind and heavy rain on Monday.
The once mighty tree, now diseased and rotted through the trunk, snapped about 3 feet (1 meter) above ground and crashed across several gardens. It damaged several sheds, but nearby buildings — including the Anne Frank House museum — escaped unscathed. No one was injured, a museum spokeswoman said.
"Someone yelled, 'It's falling. The tree is falling,' and then you heard it go down," said museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostart. "Luckily no one was hurt."
A global campaign to save the chestnut, widely known as The Anne Frank Tree, was launched in 2007 after city officials deemed it a safety hazard and ordered it felled. The tree was granted a last-minute reprieve after a battle in court.
The 150-year-old tree suffered from fungus and moths that had caused more than half its trunk to rot...
The fungal rot, which could be seen as symbolic of the fungal rot of Europe's Judenhass, seems to have seeped into more than a few heads as well. If only people were willing to spend as much time and energy worrying about live Jews (like, say, the ones over in Israel, now in the crosshairs of kooky, nuke-inclined mullahs) as they do over a rotted out tree.

Update: Right on schedule. I could have set my clock to this one showing up.

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