Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That Don't Impress Me Much

The National Post is tres impressed--overly impressed, really--that Canadian Muslim leaders have condemned "terrorism":
Following the arrests last week of terror suspects in Ottawa and London, Ont., the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) issued a full-throated denunciation of terrorism as a means to an end. The organization reiterated its "condemnation of all acts of violence, terrorism and extremism, here and abroad." The CIC also praised the "fast action" of our "security forces in safeguarding our country and its citizens." And CIC chair and president Wahida Valiante added: "Canadian Muslims are loyal citizens of Canada; they are law-abiding citizens ... well aware of their responsibility to uphold the laws of Canada and to act in ways that safeguard the security and well-being of all." They "would never think of ... plotting to harm their homeland and their fellow citizens."

This is especially notable given that the CIC once was led by Mohamed Elmasry, a man who (briefly) defended the right of Palestinian terrorists to attack any Israeli adult -- and who declared that "Right-wing Canadian politicians and their parties consider the 'war against terror' to mean the same as 'war against Muslims.' " In recent years, the CIC had changed its tone, sensibly recognizing that operating as a counter-counter-terrorism lobby isn't going to win Canadian Muslims many friends.

Yesterday, the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada said it "strongly condemns the recently discovered terrorist plot in Canada." Two weeks prior to the arrests, to mark the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) issued a seven-point declaration of values that strongly condemned violence. It said: "The best Muslim is the one who is good to his/her family and neighbours and one who avoids harming others with his/her hand or tongue. Islam does not permit the killing of innocent people, regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race, or nationality. The sanctity of human life overrides the sanctity of religious laws. Islamic rulings do not -- and should not -- contradict natural laws."

According to the imams, this is the first time any national Islamic council has so forcefully and succinctly stated its opposition to killing in the name of Allah. Signed by nearly 50 prominent imams, the declaration was read out at hundreds of mosques across the country on the first Friday Sabbath of Ramadan.
Boy, you dangle something bright and shiny in front of some kafirs, and they're instantly transfixed. Me--not so much. Let's look at the above-named Muslim leaders one by one, shall we?

1. Sweet Wahida and the CIC's fairly tepid response is fisked here.

2. Elmo may no longer be CIC Grand Poobah, but the splenetic Jew-hater yet vents from his bully pulpit at his rampaging horsey.

3. Our old "pal" Syed Soharwardy of the adorably-named Islamic SUPREME Council of Canada is well-versed at doling out honeyed words to receptive kafirs, and more than a few have been taken in by him--and them. An even cursory glance at the ISCC's website, though, should be enough to show where the imam (he's the guy who tried to silence--as if!--Ezra Levant for daring to publish those "blasphemous" Motoons) is coming from (i.e. from a position of supremacy, albeit the kind that doesn't go in for violent jihad but is content to let sharia seep into the kafir's body politic through "friendlier" means).

4. Along with the above-mentioned quote, the Canadian Council of Imans statement also says that
Islam is a religion of nature and humanity, one that teaches that a person cannot be a good Muslim until he/she becomes a good human being. All human beings are equal...
Which, as we know, is total bollocks since Islam actually teaches the reverse--that one cannot be a good human being until one is Muslim (and, in fact, one is a sinner, a really bad one, who will roast in eternal hellfire, until/unless one "reverts" to the one true faith while one is still able to). It also teaches that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, and that Muslim men are superior to Muslim women, inequities enshrined in the sharia, Islam's "universal" law.

And here are some words that never fail to charm:
We believe in peaceful coexistence, dialogue, bridge building and cooperation among all faiths and people for the common good of humanity.
Falafels and samosas for everyone! The next part of the point is kind of a tough sell, though:
Islam does not permit the killing of innocent people, regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race or nationality. The sanctity of human life overrides the sanctity of religious laws. Islamic rulings do not – and should not – contradict natural laws. Islam is a religion that promotes peace, justice, equality, dignity and freedom for all human beings.
It's the word "innocent" that's the loophole. For example, none of these peaceful, terror-deploring imams would consider Israelis "innocent," since they have the temerity to claim sovereignty over Muslims--whom Allah has deemed their superiors--and over Allah's land. And according to Islamic doctrine, all parts of the world that have not yet been squared away for Allah are up for grabs, and those kafirs who "occupy" them for the moment are standing in the way of what should be, what must be. Islam promotes peace, justice and the rest--sure it does. But only on Islam's terms under Islam's law.

And, oh looky here, another "loophole":
We believe that it is the right of every individual adult person to determine for themselves their conduct towards and within their society (for example, in matters of dress or good manners), and their personal conduct in matters of faith and belief as well, as long as their conduct does not threaten the common good. Likewise, we believe that every society must be allowed to express and celebrate humanity’s profound cultural diversity, as long as the expression of that diversity does not include the compulsion of any individual to violate their own human rights, or their personal values, or their human nature, or otherwise threaten the common good of all people.
In other words, the "human rights" delineated by sharia supersede any kafir law (which, being man-made, don't hold a candle to Allah's law, and never will.)

Superficially at least, Canadian Muslim leaders seem to be saying all the right things and making all the right noises--and, hey, why should they do more, when even the National Post seems to be buying it? However, until such time as they explicitly and expressly repudiate "jihad is the way, sharia is the goal" and the supremacism written into their religious doctine, I'd advise everyone to read up on their Islam and take their statements with a heaping helping of sodium.

Update: Back in June Mark Steyn (who's been on hiatus far too long for my taste: we've needed his insights and bonhomie to help us endure one of the silliest summers ever) had this to say about kafirs who can't wrap their heads around the animus built into Islam and are only too willing to grant it the benefit of the doubt (and slam its critics--like Ayaan Hirsi Ali):
In Terror and Liberalism, Paul Berman wrote that suicide bombings “produced a philosophical crisis, among everyone around the world who wanted to believe that a rational logic governs the world.” In other words, it has to be about “poverty” or “social justice” because the alternative—that they want to kill us merely because we are the other—undermines the hyper-rationalist’s entire world view. Thus, every pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-black Western liberal’s determination to blame Ayaan Hirsi Ali for the fact that a large number of benighted thuggish halfwits want to kill her. Deploring what he regards as her simplistic view of Islam, Nicholas Kristof rhapsodizes about its many fine qualities—“There is also the warm hospitality toward guests, including Christians and Jews.”
Oh, for crying out loud. In the Muslim world, Christians and Jews have been on the receiving end of a remorseless ethno-religious cleansing for decades. Christian churches get burned, along with their congregations, from Nigeria to Pakistan. Egypt is considering stripping men who marry Jewesses of their citizenship. Saudi Arabia won’t let ’em in the country. In the 1920s, Baghdad was 40 per cent Jewish. Gee, I wonder where they all went. Maybe that non-stop “warm hospitality” wears you down after a while . . .
Sure, it's all falafels and samosas until sharia comes fully into effect. Then it's "down on your knees and cough up our 'tribute' money, dhimmi."


Don Sharpe said...

Excellent disection of the latest muslim 'taqiya'. Keep up the great work!

scaramouche said...

Thanks, I plan to.

JR said...

Top notch assessment, Scaramouche! That editorial together with Tasha Kheiriddin's idiot piece on Glenn Beck's 8/28 rally, on the same page, left me much less than impressed.

scaramouche said...

Thanks, JR. Not a big Tasha fan myself. I find her writing to be terribly dry, lacking in zest, insight and wit. Mark Steyn she ain't.