Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Complicated

Did you know that for his Canadian Idol audition, alleged terror plotter Dr. Khurrum Syed Sher (what is it with all the doctor jihadis--Major Dr. Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, Dr. al-Zawahiri , Al Quaeda's #2, those Scottish docs?) performed--badly--Avril Lavigne's hit "Complicated"? You can watch it here. (Oddly enough, Sher, who was born in Montreal, feigns a Pakistani accent during the interview. Whassup with that?) In light of Sher's arrest, I've taken the liberty of revising the song's chorus:

Why'd you wanna go and make
Things so conflagrated?
We see the way you're acting
All jihadi makes us feel hated.
Your life's now crap.
You bark in the dark not a lark
And you spark an inquiry into
Jihadis, get on your knees,
We'll never bow to your malarkey.
No no no.

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