Thursday, August 26, 2010

Intersections' Statement

Intersections, the "social justice" outfit the cabby stabber volunteered for, released this statement:
We at Intersections are deeply saddened by the stabbing incident on Tuesday evening, perpetrated against a Muslim New York City cab driver. Our earnest prayers are extended to the victim, Mr. Ahmed Sharif, for a full and speedy recovery. There is no place in this city, or anywhere else, for such senseless acts of violence.
We are further saddened that the person charged with this crime, Michael Enright, has been a volunteer with Intersections for the past year. Mike’s work with us was generous and responsible. He shared our vision for a diverse and peaceful world and our prayers go out to him and his family as well. This unfathomable incident is profoundly sad on many levels.
Intersection’s core mission is tied to interfaith dialogue and cross cultural cooperation, especially with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We deplore violence and any act that may be categorized as a hate crime. We will continue to work tirelessly to forge common ground among those who differ so that together we can build a city where God’s rich human mosaic is lived out in harmony, and free of fear and violence.
Notice they call is a "mosaic," no doubt because a "melting pot," the previous American paradigm, is passe and not multicultural (everyone getting melted down in the same hot pot). That said, there's still something fishy about the incident.

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