Monday, August 23, 2010

There's Something Happening Here, What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear

We're in Afghanistan to win hearts and minds via heaps of cash and other cockamamie endearment schemes so that the locals will like us (the kafir) enough to tell the Taliban (their co-religionists waging exactly what Islam calls for, a jihad against the kafir) to hit the road. Except, hold on a minute, some Afghans want to "talk" to the Taliban and bring them on board for the sake of "peace". So, too, do some Americans. And as if things weren't wacky enough, there's this--a report that Pakistan, which is supposed to be our ally (but kinda isn't, since we're kafirs "occupying" a Muslim land), used CIA assistance to apprehend a top Taliban leader, not because they objected to his getting involved in "peace" talks with "our guy" Karzai, but because they objected to his doing so without including them, "the Taliban's longtime backer" (not my words; the NYT's).

Sorry, why are we in Afghanistan? And who are our friends? I'm tempted to use the word "Byzantine" to describe the manifold double-dealings and complications, only Bynantium was, you know, infidel.

Update: Pakistan is the Afghan war's real agressor

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