Monday, August 30, 2010

Today in 'Boat' News

The Canuck posties' fast boat to Gaza (which is currently more fancy than reality) is still looking for a name:
We are in the process of naming the Canadian boat to Gaza and would like to hear from you! We are examining ways to draw a parallel to the struggles of the indigenous people of Canada and Palestinians (ie., Turtle Island, First Nations, etc.). Another direction we are brainstorming with is a political name that challenges the Harper government and its stance with Israel (similar to Audacity of Hope as used for the US boat to Gaza).
We thank you for your contributions and support!
Hey, no problemo, semi-crypto-Zion-loathers, but I thought after BCF's suggestion--Sea Hitler--the contest was pretty much a wrap.

Elsewhere, more Tamils are reportedly about to hop another slow boat to Canada, knowing that once they get here they're in like Flynn (who, FYI, was Tasmanian, not Tamil, and thus could never have claimed refugee status).
The captain of the Sea Hitler buckles his swashes.

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