Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suffering and Starvation in Mail-Deprived Gaza

Business is booming at the Gaza Mall, an establishment that has adopted the smiley face as its logo and whose aisles are bulging with consumer goods galore. (More than a few of the shop proprieters, so this al Arabiya report informs us, belong to Hamas).

Memo to Canucki Hamas-Postal boatniks: I'd advise you not to show this clip at your upcoming shipboard fundraiser.

As an aside, it strikes me that the Geneva Convention stipulation the bleeding heart Canuck posties have glommed onto for dear life, the one calling for mail delivery to people living under "occupation" on humanitarian grounds, is doubly irrelevent here. First, because Gaza is not under "occupation," the "occupiers" having ethnically self-cleansed themselves from the joint some years ago. Second, because this requirement was written long before there was e-mail, a technology which obviates the need for posties to D-liver D-letter.

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