Sunday, August 22, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy's Veiled Threat?

Missus Imam Rauf, currently on her own as her hubby is off doing Very Important but unspecified State Department biz, says GZMers might--might--consider a change of venue for their purported "interfaith" structure, but before taking the plunge they are going to have to consider the likely reaction of Muslims who  may not be receptive to a relocation, if you catch her drift:

On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Daisy Khan, wife of the proposed Islamic Center’s leader Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, did not rule out the possibility of selecting a less controversial site away from 9/11’s ground zero.
“We're meeting several stakeholders right now, because we understand the pain and the anguish that has been displayed throughout the country,” said Ms. Khan. “And we indeed want to build bridges. We don't want to create conflict. This is not where we were coming from. So, this is an opportunity for us to really turn this around and make this into something very, very positive. So we will meet and we will do what is right for everyone.”

At the same time, Khan pointed out, “We have the Muslim community around the nation that we have to be concerned about, and we have to worry about the extremists as well, because they are seizing this moment. And so we have to be very careful and deliberate in when we make any major decision like this.”
"If you don't let us 'nice' Muslims erect our 'interfaith' mosque to 'build bridges' with you, those other, less friendly Muslims may take it into their heads to 'keel' you?" I dunno, that doesn't strike me as most persuasive argument for the mosque staying put. (Not that there is one.)

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