Thursday, August 26, 2010

Multiculti Critic

Susan Jacoby is that rare liberal who can see through multiculturalism, the squishy scam that has been foisted on us by self-loathing moral relativists, and who is willing to flag how it endangers a free society:
It is understandable that American liberals, and particularly religious liberals, are wary of anyone who makes negative public judgments about other faiths. There is a long history of disrespect for various minority cultures and religions in America, although the Constitution and the First Amendment — products of Enlightenment secularism and Enlightenment-influenced religion — have (usually) stopped the disrespect from turning into bloodshed..
 But it is one thing to recognize the legal right of all Americans to believe whatever they want and quite another to maintain that all belief systems are compatible with democracy. In a free society, religion should be no more immune to criticism than atheism, and the First Amendment does not give anyone carte blanche to violate secular law in the name of faith. This crucial distinction applies to all religions, not only to Islam
True, but Islam is the only religion that has a competing set of laws that conflict with and aim to supersede all infidel laws--including America's. That's the crucial distinction.

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