Thursday, August 26, 2010

U.S. Abases Itself Before the Wretched "Human Rights" Gods

More evidence that corrupt "human rights" utopianism has run amock--Roger Pilon fills us in on the latest "human rights" caperings involving the U.S. and the UN:

America has human-rights problems, the Obama State Department told the world this week, especially concerning our treatment of women, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, South Asians, Native Americans, and members of the LBGT community. But we’re working to build “a more perfect world.” That’s the gist of a just-released 29-page self-assessment required by the U.N. Human Rights Council.
After reading such rhetorical gems as “the American experiment is a human experiment,” we discover that we fall short on “fairness, equality, and dignity” in such areas as education, health, and housing. To remedy educational deficiencies at the college level, the Obama Department of Education is assiduously promoting “educational equity for women and students of color,” something underrepresented white men may be interested to learn. And here’s another human-rights problem: “Asian-American men suffer from stomach cancer 114 percent more often than non-Hispanic white men.”
You get the picture. The report reads like a politically correct campaign brochure, touting everything from the administration’s stimulus spending to Obamacare as promoting “human rights.”...
May I just say this about that: barf. Also, I wonder if the report mentions that in actual fact and by a wide margain Jews are the preferred target of hate crimes in the U.S.

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